Heat wave

     The thermometer reached the 30s today, and I truly began to believe that spring was on the way.  Heck, I was ready to break out the short sleeves and sandals!  Baseball is just around the corner, and these warmer temperatures are only helping me get in the mood for it.

     Speaking of warmth, what’s wrong with the picture below? 

  Padillasmile    Is that Vicente Padilla?  Is he actually smiling?  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this guy smile before.  Has his attitude really changed as so many articles have stated?  I sure hope so.  I think Padilla has the potential to be a great pitcher for this team, but his career with the Rangers (and baseball in general) has been marred by what appears to be a negative attitude and a penchant for plunking batters. I know I’m not the only one who grew tired of that.  And I’m certainly not the only one hoping he’s honestly changed.  If he’s going to remain on our roster (and he probably will given the lack of available starting pitchers), I hope he has sincerely turned a new leaf.

     The Rangers will play their first exhibition game next week.  You better believe I’ll be doing all I can to keep up with the game on my computer at work. It will be interesting to see what lineup Wash throws out there and how the guys play.

     I enjoyed an article in today’s FW Star-Telegram about the Rangers’ tattoos.  I think hearing the story behind peoples’ body art is fascinating. I agree with most of the guys who said it has to mean something.  I actually have two tattoos — a star and flame on my lower back and a treble clef and eighth notes on the inside of my left ankles.  Obviously, the latter symbolizes my love for music.  The former is also music-related, but is a bit less obvious.  My next tat (yes, I want one) is going to be something baseball or Rangers related, but I haven’t decided on the artwork yet.  I probably won’t get it until summer anyway, so I’ve got some time.  Maybe those guys could offer some suggestions.



  1. lonestar90@gmail.com

    Yeah, I saw that article on the body ink too… Josh Rupe’s shoulders look like the Cistine Chapel. Cool as heck. Personally, I don’t have any tats myself yet… but I’ve always thought that if I came across something really unique, or had a good enough reason, I’d consider getting one.

    Vicente Padilla – he really does seem like a new man, doesn’t he? Maybe he took some counseling down in Nicaragua, who knows – but I don’t care, just so long as he pitches like he did in 2006 again.

  2. Craig

    We have to expect to get 30 plus wins out of Millwood and Padilla this year like we did in ’06. I have always like Padilla but have worried about his attitude problem. I respect a pitcher that refuses to give up the inside of the plate and is willing to plunck a batter or two to keep them from crowding the plate. It does seem that Padilla has used the brush back or bean ball for other reasons though. He only needs to warm up to his fans and teammates. A change in is welcome there. He can still be ugly to the opposition.

  3. lonestar90@gmail.com

    About that link… I woke up this morning, and I think they took the story down at Lonestar Ball.

    It was an interesting article put up by CJ on Ranger players who look like celebrities – CJ even had some comparison pictures up there, along with a poll, including a Josh Hamilton/Will Farrell comparison, Frankie Francisco to “Mr Eko” on “Lost”, and Josh Rupe to Kid Rock/Bill Murray, among others. Kameron Loe was actually leading the poll with CJ’s comparison of him to Michael Rosenbaum (I think that’s his name) who plays Lex Luthor on “Smallville”.

    Anyway, sorry for the bad link – I guess that story must been taken down, for some reason or another.

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