Insomnia, my friend…

“So I’m stumbling through this hollow room for peace of mind
I find that I am going over everything I’ve said to you, for you..”

                                                        – Tyler Hilton

I now know why I don’t make a habit of sleeping in Sundays. I can’t seem to fall asleep Sunday night. So, it’s 1 a.m., and I’m here on the couch instead, watching “The Cutting Edge 3” (nothing can beat the original, however), pondering some friendships and trying to instead think about the upcoming baseball season.

The winter was such a long, cold one, but the warm promise of spring training and baseball season kept me going. Here we are, two weeks away from Opening Day, but instead of feeling optimistic, I’m just feeling uncertain. Perhaps that’s my real life bleeding over into my baseball life (it’s interesting that I view the two as separate entities…hmm…I’ll have to think about that). Or maybe the injury reports out of camp have gotten me down. Or maybe I’m just afraid to set my expectations too high (like I do in so many areas of my life). Whatever it is, I’m still looking forward to Opening Day because, no matter what it brings, baseball season is back. Any baseball is better than no baseball at all.

That said, let’s get down to some more specific thoughts on the Rangers…

The good

– Josh Hamilton. From every account I’ve read, this guy is amazing. I’m getting tired of people adding, “…if he can stay healthy” to their optimism of him. This could be said about any player, and we should hope they all stay healthy.

– David Murphy. I liked what he did when he came over last year in the Gagne trade. He may end up proving to be the best thing we got out of that deal. If nothing else, he should be on the 25-man roster on March 31.

– Tentative conversations about returning to Ranger red. New to Ranger fandom, I don’t remember these days, but if the players are in favor, go for it. I don’t really care what the boys wear, although I am slightly afraid the red will make them tough to distinguish from their division rivals in California.

– The Rangers are currently 10-7-2 in Spring Training play.

The bad

– Kevin Millwood, C.J. Wilson and Joaquin Benoit have yet to pitch in an “A” game. The health and presence of this trio is imperative to a successful season.

– Kameron Loe has failed to make a strong case for the roster. (You know it breaks my heart to write this.) He may be off to OKC for the start of the season.

– Jason Botts has reportedly displayed the aggressiveness, defense improvement and fire the Rangers desired from him, yet he still seems to be getting edged out by veteran players. I will never waver from my belief that he needs to be in the big leagues for an entire season before we really get to see what he can do. EMC pointed out in her March 13 blog entry that when Michael Young was breaking into the majors, he was hitting .249 in 300+ ABs. Jason is currently hitting .242 in 244 major league AB’s. Just sayin’…

The Ugly

– Brandon McCarthy’s injury. I was really hoping he would come in this season and really make an impact.

– Travis Metcalf’s injury. He was having such a great spring. It’s a shame he’ll have to miss the first few weeks recovering.

– While the Rangers record in spring training overall is favorable, they are 0-3-1 versus division rivals. Ouch.




    Stick with the blue uniforms. The team wore red for ten seasons before coming to Texas and never won big.

  2. Jon

    It’s hard to be optimistic right now, with all the injuries, and also with the dissapointing decisons the Rangers are making.

    This was supposed to be a year for rebuilding, and getting to see the young players get their shots – but instead, the Rangers are going back into the old “try and win on the cheap” mode. Instead of getting to see guys like Salty and Botts, we’re gonna have to watch Gerald Laird and Kevin Mench spare it up. And maybe even Sidney Ponson. Hard to get excited about that. But that said, it is going to be great just to have baseball back – I still can’t wait until opening day.

    As for the red uniforms: I would really prefer it if the Rangers stayed with the blue, myself. The blue looks better, in my opinion, and gives us a sense of individuality, especially within the AL west.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them create some throwback red jerseys to wear maybe once a week at home games, but I think moving away from the blue overall would be a mistake.

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