Alternate reality

I was bored today.  Well, not bored, but not really wanting to work.  Instead of placing obits on a page, I took a few moments to browse around MLBlogs.  I looked under the page that listed the MLBlogs by team, and found some of the numbers there shocking (others, not so much).

So, I did a count.  If the number of MLBloggers for each team determined the playoff qualifiers, here would be your division winners…

NL East – Mets
NL Central – Cards
NL West – Dodgers
NL Wild Card – Phillies

AL East – Yankees
AL Central – Tigers
AL West – Rangers
AL Wild Card – Red Sox

Minus a few of those categories, I wouldn’t mind so much.  Ha ha.

Anyway, in case you’re curious, here are the totals for each team from highest to lowest…

Yankees – 46
Red Sox – 37
Phillies – 33
Cardinals – 27
Rangers – 18
Dodgers – 16
Tigers – 16
Twins – 14
Phillies – 14
Brewers – 13
Giants – 13
White Sox – 13
Cubs – 12
Astros – 10
Blue Jays – 10
Braves – 9
Rays – 9
Pirates – 8
Reds – 7
Angels – 7
Rockies – 6
Indians – 6
As – 6
Padres – 5
Royals – 5
Mariners – 4
Nationals – 4
Marlins – 3
Orioles – 3

Of course, I didn’t have (or take) the time to see how many of these were active.  I know there are a few Rangers ones that aren’t. 

I was amused to see that The Heckler in Tampa Bay had a blog.  I always get a kick out of that guy.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t updated it in almost two years.  C’mon Heckler!! 100_0096cropped_1

As a side note, I had another sports moment tonight.  An evening with two Iowa Stars (Dallas Stars farm team) players.  Here’s a photo of me with Ethan Graham and Francis Wathier.



  1. Ronnie

    I do find that VERY interesting that there are 18 for the Rangers…that is 5th…we have loyal fans considering all that there is to consider!

  2. Jon

    Yeah, I’ve been impressed with the depth of the Ranger blogoshere since I first got into blogging via TR Sullivan’s blog early last year.

    Oh, and you can make that count 19 for the Rangers, as they don’t have my blog listed there yet (probably because I’m still a “rookie”). And that’s just MLBlogs, f course… there’s a ton of great Ranger content outside of that, including sites like The Newberg Report, Lone Star Ball, to name a couple of the more prominent ones.

    I think Ranger fans may be some of the most unappreciated, and underrated in baseball – we put up with a lot, and based on the amount of posters on sites like LSB, we’ve probably got one of the more educated fanbases in baseball as well. There may not be a ton of us, but hey, it’s quality, not quantity, right?

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