There’s no crying in baseball…

…and there’s really nothing to cry about right now.

The Rangers finish play in Surprise with a 17-10-2 record.  I know these games don’t count, but I’m happy with the record anyway.  They have two more games — Friday in Oklahoma City vs. the Pale Hose and Saturday vs. the Rough Riders in Frisco — before the real season starts.  The ups, the downs, the exhiliration and the heartbreak await.  As fans, we live for these days.  Why?  Why with the guarantee of pain and suffering would we sign on?  Because for every bad game, there’s another great game with a shining moment that keeps us going.  No one goes 0-162.  At least no one has yet.  🙂

Anyhow, I’m very much looking forward to Monday’s Opening Day matchup in Seattle.  I have meetings to cover the first three Mondays of each month.  Thankfully, the baseball season starts on the fifth Monday in March this year, so I’ll be home to enjoy Opening Day. I think I’ll buy some hot dogs and peanuts for the occasion.

These commercials (which I found thanks to Jon) certainly help get me in the mood for some Rangers baseball. It’s no surprise that my favorite one is the one with Kam waving his cap as he walks off the mound.  He may not be starting the season in Arlington, but I strongly believe he’ll be there before long.


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